The most annoying thing about your conservatory

Owning a conservatory is one of life’s great pleasures. It can also be the root of all evil if you listen to some people. They’re happy to list the problems attributed to owning a conservatory, forgetting about all the positive reasons why they wanted a glass extension in the first place.
Sure, they’re not perfect but conservatories do create extra living space and on the whole, they’re practical and enjoyable places to be.
Here at HG Promotions we truly appreciate conservatory spaces and sell a unique range of products designed to keep the glazing on your glass extension in pristine condition. Just for fun though, we thought we’d look a little closer at some of the problems that are often attributed to glass conservatories, can you relate to any of the following?
Steamy windows
During winter all areas of your home will be prone to outbreaks of condensation. Sadly, a conservatory is one area that seems to suffer more than other regions in the household. Fail to shut the conservatory doors as you boil pasta on the hob and don’t be too surprised if all that glazing starts to fog-up with steam.
Still, look on the bright side. At least it’ll keep the kids occupied as they wait for a meal to be served. They can draw steam-based pictures all over the glazing…. Oh dear…
Sullied outlook
Look up at glazing when you are in a conservatory and you’ll be lucky if the glass is free from blemishes. Bird mess, salt spray, moss, algae and other unsightly substances will more than likely sully the outlook.
There is a remedy for this. Use a conservatory and greenhouse roof cleaning systemfrom HG Promotions and the only thing you’ll be looking at is clear sky through your glazed extension.