Why Bird Droppings Ruin Your Car’s Bodywork

How much time to you devote to cleaning the windows around your home? Possibly you have a professional window cleaner that does this task for you, or maybe you have a conservatory cleaning kit that removes blemishes as and when they occur.
Window washing systems are really useful for removing all types of grime. They shift general dirt and remove stubborn stains like bird droppings, which can cause further problems if left untreated.
Bird droppings look horrendous on glazed areas and they cause severe damage if left too long on the paintwork of vehicles. For years the motoring public was convinced it was the limescale within the droppings that caused the damage, however new research by vehicle wax experts Autoglym proves this simply isn’t the case.
The impact of Guano on vehicle paintwork
The research team at Autoglym has been busy. They spent time analysing the effects of bird droppings on car bodywork and the results they came up with make an interesting read.
Studies show that vehicle paint lacquer softens in warm sunlight and it also expands. Normally this is fine. If a bird leaves a deposit on your car though in these types of conditions, it can start a chain of events.
When droppings land on your car’s paintwork the sun hardens them. This is fine as long as you wash the dirt off as soon as you possibly can, leave it until the lacquer starts to cool and you have genuine issues on your hands.
Cooling lacquer causes problems
When paint lacquer cools as temperatures drop it starts to contract. The lacquer starts to harden, it moulds itself around the droppings on the paintwork and afterwards, when you wash the hardened Guana off the car, it leaves a visible imprint.
For years we’ve been blaming limescale for this problem when in fact, it was a combination of factors that led to damage being caused.
There’s a simple fix!
Obviously there’s a quick fix available which prevents this chain of events from happening in the first place. Spot the problem straight away and you can rectify the situation, wash the droppings off before they harden and your paintwork will be saved.
If you require cleaning products to wash seagull mess or wild bird droppings off your property, don’t hesitate to contact us at HG Promotions.