Garden tools you can’t live without

Our last blog gave you a few ideas of how to prepare the garden for spring, it’s that time of year when our thoughts are turned to warmer weather, lighter nights and hopefully, plenty of sunny days in the garden! Maybe we’re asking too much from the British weather but it doesn’t do any harm to be prepared, pack your shed or garage with garden tools and you’ll be good to go when the weather is fine. We’ve drawn up a short list of tools to buy for the garden, they’ll keep your plot pristine right through to the autumn.
1. Spade: Great for digging projects in the garden, buy a quality spade and it’ll serve you well over the years.

2. Fork: Another useful tool and good for turning soil in borders, look for lightness, look for robustness and look for a ‘D’ handled fork

3. Shears: We stock various types of garden shears at H & G Promotions Ltd look at our garden tool section and you’ll find an eclectic mix of items. As well as standard garden shears that are brilliant for trimming privets, you’ll find extending shears for hard to reach bushes, edging shears for lawns, long handled shears for troublesome areas of grass and plenty of other cutting tools that keep your garden neat and tidy.

4. Pruners: Keep rose bushes, shrubs and trees neat and tidy with a proven pruning tool. We have cutters, saws and countless pruning tools that are easy to use and hardy and tough too.

5. Rake: A garden rake clears debris from borders and a grass rake is useful for collecting cuttings when you have trimmed the lawn. Plus once the summer is over and the leaves start to fall on your lawn a hardy rake will help you gather them into neat piles.

6. Kneeling pad/seat: It can be hard going in the garden, all that bending and kneeling tending to shrubs starts to take a toll on your body after a while. So we recommend a kneeling pad at HG, it saves back strain and it’s the perfect place to sit down, rest and have a brew whilst admiring your handy work.
Happy gardening everybody!