Cleaning your conservatory the easy way

Use one of our conservatory cleaning kits on the outside of the glazing and by now you should have sparkling results. What about the inside of the conservatory though? Now that the exterior looks amazing isn’t it time to give the interior a little tender loving care? This article examines the art of cleaning a conservatory and gives you tips on how to keep the interior gleaming.
1. Clean the roof: Use one of our telescopic cleaning systems to clean the underside of the roof first. Then you can move onto the other windows of the conservatory and you should be able to reach them from ground level or by using a small step ladder.

2. Remove jewellery: Before you start to clean the interior of your conservatory take off any rings or watches you are wearing. Jewellery should be removed prior to hand cleaning to prevent the glass from getting scratched.

3. Get a bucket ready: Mix warm water with a good glass cleaning solution, we recommend ‘Squeegee Off’ for the best results. It’s easy to mix, just add 2 teaspoons of the soap to every 4 litres of water and you are good to go.

4. Sponge grime away: Cover windows in the soapy solutions one panel at a time and simply squeegee the mixture off for gleaming results. You shouldn’t need to use any other cleaners after you have used the soapy mixture, just wipe off any access water with a dry cloth.

5. Continue until all the glass is clean: Go around your conservatory cleaning all the glazed areas and to save time wipe down the framework as you go along. This should leave the windows of the conservatory streak-free and next you can concentrate on the floors.

6. Sweep up first: Use a brush and pan or vacuum debris off the floor before cleaning it with a mop. Use an approved cleaning agent for the type of flooring you have fitted and let it dry completely before you step on it again.
Follow this plan and you’ll have a really clean conservatory in six simple steps.